Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Good Time Charlies Tattooland" - Home of Jack Rudy

Walking into Tattooland is like walking in to a piece of living tattoo history. If these walls could talk - and in a way, they do. You can virtually follow Jack's career just by closely studying the flash. Not to mention the collection of hand drawn promo posters from tattoo shows long past.

Tattooland is the text-book definition of the "old school" street shop. All the artists work in a centralized area with flash encircling "the pit."

Tattooland - The Pit

Jack Rudy and artists Lil Roy, Mr Lucky, Chris, Antonio, Chuy, Brandi, Stan, Bucky and Big Jeff all bring their flavor to the mix of influences and styles that makes Tattooland such a diverse environment. If you are ever in the Anaheim area, you definitely want to stop in for a history lesson. Or if piercings are your game, you can stop next door and visit Koolsville where their friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you with your every need.

Jack Rudy -- Celebrating 30+ years in the Tattoo business!

Jack the King

Tattooland is located at: 2641 W. Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801 Phone: 714.827.2071


Jesus on the door

Jack's truck

On the wall at Tattooland

Working hard

Jack Rudy

Jack Rudy

Jack Rudy

Jack and Gil Montie

Jack's machine

Lil Roy at Tattooland

"Good Time Charlies Tattooland" -- Home of Jack Rudy.
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